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Everything you need to know about planning and scheduling baptism for your child.

Baptism in the Lutheran tradition is "grace-based"

That means baptism is about what God does for us; that God loves us unconditionally. It's the basis for why we baptize babies that can't yet make their own faith-based decisions. This means baptism is not a requirement for salvation; it's a celebration!  Also part of our Lutheran baptism is the idea of promises. If you bring a baby or child to baptism, you will be asked to make promises to raise them in the community of the church. The community also promises to help raise your child in Christian community - because let's be honest- it takes a village!


If this is your first child being baptized, the first step is for your family to complete a baptism workshop. The workshop includes a discussion of CTK programs for your child from baptism to confirmation. Workshops are usually scheduled each quarter on the second Saturday of January, April, July and October. Individual counseling can also be arranged for an adult baptism or extenuating circumstances.

Because of these promises, baptism isn't just a one-time event but begins a life-long journey. If you yourselves are not members of Christ the King yet and have been baptized previously, we'd love to talk with you about joining our growing community of faith by what is called Affirmation of Baptism. Becoming members on the same day your child is baptized can be very meaningful! 

If you have questions regarding baptism or membership, please utilize our Ask a Question form. When you are ready to schedule a baptism, please review the worship planning calendar. Some things to consider:

  • Family that cannot attend in person may want to participate virtually. The livestream schedule has a column on the planning calendar.

  • You can pick any pastor that you want to officiate the baptism, but they need to be available on your day. The planning calendar shows which pastor will be in which worship space. The third pastor is likely not available that day. If you have no preference, the presiding pastor scheduled that day will officiate the baptism. If there is more than one pastor present, we usually like to have both participate in the fun!

  • We prefer to hold baptisms on non-communion Sundays to keep the service length under 65 minutes. This is especially true for the early service when classes are starting at 9:45. The communion schedule has a column on the planning calendar. 


When you have a couple of dates in mind, reach out to the Director of Worship by email and we will get you on the schedule and work on the details! 


Hope this helps and on behalf of the pastors and people of CTK, we are so blessed to share in your faith journey! 

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